Month: June 2017

Minimum payment? I’ll take the maximum pain.

Banks and Financial Institutions love to service the ignorant. Are you the ignorant?

To Be Powerful In Trinidad

Mario Sabga-Aboud made a claim that the Syrian/Lebanese community is the most powerful, or almost the most powerful, ethnic group in Trinidad. So is this true? What about it really irks so many people? What does that mean for most of us?

Law Abiding Citizen

For when we are wearied by a system that only purports to be just, but in reality seeks the desires of an elitist few, what is our lot? How are we to respond, when there are no gross abuses of human rights….

Fast Forward

Part III Elizabeth nervously waited for the therapist, Dr. Hazel Hunter, to call her into the office. “How do you feel?” asked Dr. Hunter. Elizabeth rolled her eyes, “That’s a pretty dumb question isn’t it?” […]

Running to Success

Choice 1: play it safe, listen to all the self-doubt you’ve created and remain unsuccessful; or Choice 2


While keeping with the common trend of writings gone before, this article takes a different form from the others. So much so it may not be considered an article at all. However, I pray the message finds you and lights a fire in your soul.


He was always handsome, but tonight, he was the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on. His smile radiated light and his laughter warmed her entire body.

The Revolution Starts Now

I am not advocating for us to wage war against the establishment but now is the time for us to start taking over.

Once a Politician, twice a Tyrant.

“The most successful form of a tyrant is the tyrant that puts into your head that he is not a tyrant.”

Restart Button

“Honey, how do you want your eggs?”