Month: July 2017

The Game of Life

It’s impossible to have the answers to all of life’s questions, but that does not mean we must just walk blindly into the darkness. Plot. Plan. Scheme. Make calculated decisions about what’s best for you.

Men and gods

Man is finite. Yet within him resides an insatiable desire for immortality. As it was so eloquently put in the opening narration of the movie Troy, “Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity…” Could […]

500 likes – Yaaass

“Yes I’m a confident person” she says loud and proud as she flips her hair and struts with her head held high. She snaps another selfie of her glamourous life and posts the picture. Within […]

Who cares what you did at UWI?

It cannot be stated enough that everyone has within them their own unique ideas, dreams and purpose. But sadly, too many people are chasing jobs instead of dreams.

A Letter to Myself

No, I’m not kidding and yes, I am being very serious. I’ve been looking at our life for a while now and there’s some things that I really think we should discuss.


People are no longer afforded a fair hearing before they are silenced, so long as their view is conflicting or far right. The liberal norm has become conformity.

Revolution begets Rebellion

Parker and his companions had come up with a plan last night. There was no way they were going to give in to the demands. They were going to take back the country…with force.

Drowning in Fear!

We have to act. The longer fear exists as the dominating emotion in our society, the further we sink into a slump, until… oblivion!

The missing ingredient.

However, I would like to address something that has not developed as expediently as everything else around us. Often lost in our pursuit for excellence, allow me to introduce a character to this storyline;…

The Revolution

“And the President?” Parker finally asked. “He’s doing what he always does- retreating and leaving it for us to sort out.”