The major talking point from last week: Burkey meets the President.

To be quite frank, I didn’t really care that much about this story. However, after hearing about it over and over again, it dawned on me what this incident really signified: lack of respect for public office. Worst of all it appears this feeling is held by the public as well as some ministers themselves.

We have lost respect for the office of the President. Many have lost respect for the office of Prime Minister, evidenced by the infamous Facebook incident which took place last week, and to further prove my point I will give ONE MILLION DOLLARS to anyone, under 30, who can name every single minister in Cabinet… just kidding, but you see my point!

As the years go by, the people of Trinidad and Tobago are losing more and more faith in politics and leadership. We are growing up in a time when our leaders are uninspiring, but this must not make us give up on our country. A country should be defined by its leadership. Trinidad should be defined by young, exuberant and forward thinking leaders. Do not let these incidents erode your love or faith in Trinidad, but let it inspire you to be the difference maker that we need.

Our politics desperately needs to be revamped. In this current climate, politics is probably the most shunned profession. If you express a desire to be a politician, you may be assumed to be a thief, an idiot or both. But in reality, politics is supposed to be the most noble of professions. The ultimate sacrifice of self, to be at the beck and call of an entire nation. Complete dedication to improving the lives of others and sacrificing short-term gratification for long-term success. There is beauty in leadership. How do we not all dream of being the people to transform an entire nation? How do we not dream of being written about in history books and one day having our own Netflix documentary?

Yes, our Politics is a sad state of affairs now, but we have to shed this image that’s been created in our minds over the past few years. Politics need not be about glitter and glamour, and it most certainly should not be a source of disgruntlement or sarcastic laughter. We need to start effecting change now. We need to mobilize as youths and start making reform in areas that are within our means. We have the ability to start youth groups to give a voice to all young persons in our community. We can start initiatives aimed at improving agriculture and improving the environment. We can create forums for intellectual debates aimed at educating youths and creating unique solutions to our problems. What is our excuse for not doing all that we can? Just because the existing leaders aren’t performing effectively, we shouldn’t either? That’s not good enough. We need to be more patriotic and more driven towards creating change.

While the memes are absolutely legendary, I think our generation can do even more. I hope this article jolts some of you into action. You have the potential to be one of the next great leaders of Trinidad & Tobago. We are a fairly young Republic, and quite frankly the bar has not been set that high. We don’t need a group of Einsteins. Integrity, drive and a vision for Trinidad that we can all believe in and work towards- this is what we need! There is beauty in Politics. Not the way it is now, but the way it could be!

The President of Canada is 45 years of age, while the President of France is only 39 years old! I said it before that our STRENGTH lies in our YOUTH. Don’t allow a few poor leaders to make you give up on your country. If you were born and raised here, you should feel that deep connection to this place. Trinidad is an absolutely beautiful island, filled to the brim with potential. Now we must start making in-roads, and in a few years we will either make a seamless transition into leadership or it will be time for the REVOLUTION to be completed!







Posted by J.C. Huggins