First things first. Yes, I am you. No, I’m not kidding and yes, I am being very serious. I’ve been looking at our life for a while now and there’s some things that I really think we should discuss. I’m not really sure you’ll want to hear it but I think one of us needs to bring it up so let’s get to it shall we?

So, you do realize that you aren’t the only person that struggles with that school thing right? I mean come on, obviously you aren’t the first person to fail that course. The pass rate for it is like 60%, there are literally thousands more people out there failing along with you. I know it doesn’t make failure okay, but it really isn’t the end of the world. So how about we go sign back up for that course so we can deal with it accordingly, yea? Okay, good.

The next thing, if you tell me one more time that you can’t do something because it takes too long to get good at it, you will literally never hear from me again. Whatever manifestation I happen to take, trust me I will leave you and you will be alone. For all the things in life that you’ve tried: the piano, karate, kayaking, skateboarding, football, ballet, etc. You can’t just decide that half a year is enough to determine whether you’d be good at it. That’s just unrealistic, results are the culmination of continuous hard work. Do you really think Usain Bolt just woke up one day and decided that he felt like running a 9.58 in the 100m? Do you think that Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa in a few days? Just because we didn’t get it the first few times is no excuse to just give up on something we wanted to do. I really want to be good at those things so you need to take one for the team and start it again. I promise eventually we’ll make some progress to be proud of. Even Kurt Warner went undrafted in the NFL and he’s about to be a Hall of Famer now.

If that last part didn’t make it sink in then I’m not sure what will but I do have one more grievance to air with you. Can you please and I mean really explain to me what’s so important about everyone else that you simply need them to think that you’re cool or happen to be just like them? From where I sit, it looks like they all hate themselves sometimes. I’ve heard that she thinks she’s not good looking enough for any guys to like her. That dude over there doesn’t believe that he’ll ever earn the respect of his parents because he didn’t get the job they wanted him to, and for some reason there’s this girl I heard of that absolutely refuses to let anyone realize that she feels alone a lot of the time.

I’ve seen you do it too. You randomly begin to look for the validation of others and the worst part of all of that is the ones you hope respect you don’t even care. They’re out living their lives and being happy. They don’t have time to worry about whether you’re doing well or not because they’re concerned with if they are doing well or not. I really think we should try to be the same way. I think if we just paid attention to whether we were happy or not and did things to improve that, we’d find ourselves surrounded by people that we admire and who admire us. Think about it, look how far you’ve come just because you decided to keep trying in school, even though you thought no one else failed as much. Now they think you’re smart and stuff. Pretty sure that you did better when you only cared whether you passed and not if others thought you did.

Don’t worry, I won’t share our little talk with anyone else but if you make me have this conversation with you again, then I might have to. Just to cover all of my bases, no you aren’t the only one: that is depressed sometimes, that thinks you’re too small, that sometimes thinks you’re too big, that talks too much but somehow talks too little, that thinks people don’t like you, that thinks that people won’t like you and you certainly aren’t the only one that will fail at some point. If you wanted to know what you actually are unique in, I guess I can give you the answer to that too. You’re the only person that focuses on yourself so much, I don’t think anyone else really notices when you make mistakes or cares actually. You are unique in that you’re the only one that expects perfection from yourself.


Posted by Kerron