*Move the white pawn forward 1 space *

*Kill the white pawn with the black knight *

*Kill the black knight with the white queen *


Ah! That feeling of elation when someone falls right into your trap. Chess is a beautiful game and those who are extremely skilled at it are usually respected for their ability. It’s a game that forces you to think and strategize, and you always have to be cognisant of the possible reactions to the next move you make, the move after that and the move after that. The true appeal of chess lies in its similarity to life itself. So much of life is about the strategies you deploy- the decisions and choices you make, your reaction to opposition and adversity, and most of all your will to protect your King, i.e. whatever is truly dear to you (family, friends, dreams, etc).

Like I highlighted in the introduction, sometimes you have to sacrifice something good for something great. In life, you need to decide what’s your pawn, your knight, your queen and your King. With every choice that you make, you must ensure that it best serves your strategy towards protecting your King and winning at this game of Life.

Some things are dispensable and they are a dime a dozen- these are the pawns in your life. Without them you can still thrive, and at times you have to consider sacrificing them in order to achieve something bigger. Some of the pawns in our life may be partying, drinking, playing games, shopping or even sleeping. Every time we give priority to these things, it’s to the detriment of our goals. As long as we choose to engage in these activities instead of studying, working or training, in effect we’re choosing a pawn over a knight (one of your most valuable assets on the board).

Though all the little decisions are important on our journey to success, many of us are now at a crossroads in life where we have to make major decisions about the direction in which we wish to take our careers. In these choices more than most, strategic thinking is imperative. How does taking this job help you to achieve your ultimate goals? What can you learn here that will be an asset to you going forward? Is it worthwhile to pursue a masters or MBA; or should you just start working and building capital? Is it the right time to settle down? Am I happy where I am now, or do I need to step out of my comfort zone?

It’s impossible to have the answers to all of life’s questions, but that does not mean we must just walk blindly into the darkness. Plot. Plan. Scheme. Make calculated decisions about what’s best for you. Make the necessary sacrifices. Always keep the end in mind. Never make a move without examining all the possible rewards and consequences.

Your King is that which is most important to you- religion, family, loved ones, your job, your goals, etc. And your Queen is your most powerful asset in protecting your King- your will power, your determination, your self-belief, your focus. You must strive to never give up your Queen. You can make choices to sacrifice your pawns, but all of your decisions should serve to strengthen your Queen. In Chess, there can only be one winner, but in life we can all win if we are strategic, empower ourselves and protect what we love and believe in!

“Life is like a chess game- you don’t want to waste a move.” – Bing Gordon


Posted by J.C. Huggins