Month: August 2017

Life is for Living

As we grow older, I feel some of us think we’ve outgrown fun. But what is life without fun and laughter?

Commitment Issues

No no, this isn’t relationship advice or some post about how men are trash. This is about the commitment issues that most of us seem to have.

If Music be the Food of Love…

As a people we have far removed ourselves from the concept of relationship before intimacy. We have far removed ourselves from bearing our hearts in the form of poetry for a potential significant other. For […]

I am woman.

But I am not the same as a man. I am built differently. My value does not come from my ability to do what a man does. Do not hold me to the same standard as a man.


Knowledge is endless. There is no scarcity of knowledge which requires us to hoard whatever bit of it we’ve acquired.


Red inked monsters haunt our dreams and F-shaped nightmares preclude us from basking in the rain of knowledge being poured on us daily. Failures in school have translated, in our minds to failure in life.


What would make the most money? What is the safe choice? What would guarantee me the biggest pay check? Now instead of chasing dreams and passion, I’m chasing a pay check.