Who’s your favourite hero?

Batman? Superman? Cristiano? Messi? Mom? Dad?

Heroes come in many different shapes and sizes, and we also refer to them by many different names: role models, idols, or even more simply, just people we look up to. I personally like to call them my heroes. These are the people I draw inspiration from when it’s most needed. From them, I learn certain qualities and skills that are necessary to succeed in all different facets of life. And most of all, because of them I seek to be a mentor or hero for all of those who I can offer assistance to.

The world is undoubtedly a tough place, and every day I see at least one person on Twitter complaining about how hard ‘adulting’ is. In our naivety we really thought people our age had all their s**t together, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are endless expectations placed upon us, yet we never receive any proper guidance as to how to go about achieving our tasks. Institutions are failing. Governments are failing. Businesses are failing. And we’re just here like, “what do they really want from us boy?”

These are challenging and confusing times. We could really use a hero right now!

I urge you to find your own hero. Find the mentor that you need to guide you closer to your dreams. If there aren’t any successful people around for you to follow, look externally. Listen to podcasts, documentaries, videos and interviews. Study the lives – trials, tribulations and successes- of as many successful people as you can. The journey of life is a cycle and many have been through it before. We need to be humble and accept that we do not have all the answers to life’s questions. Strive to absorb every ounce of information from those who have been through this rodeo.

Some of my ‘external’ heroes are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Hart, Eric Thomas and Conor McGregor. Make it a habit to study anyone whose success you wish to emulate. Perhaps hearing of their struggle will reinforce your belief that even though you may not be where you hoped to be at this stage, your journey is only just beginning and you have what it takes to achieve your goals.

Maybe even more important than you finding and emulating your own heroes, is you becoming one yourself!

The knowledge you have now would have been invaluable to you if you had it a few years ago. Bearing that in mind, we have a duty to educate, motivate and guide those who are younger or less experienced than us. Whether it’s younger siblings, cousins, friends or people you meet through a mentoring program, we must not be selfish with the knowledge we have.

You reap what you sow! Helping someone through their struggle will not only help you to grow as a person, but you may well benefit even more than them in the long run. Knowledge is endless. There is no scarcity of knowledge which requires us to hoard whatever bit of it we’ve acquired. While trying to get your life in order and pursuing your dreams, try to help as many people along the way as possible. The journey to happiness and success is not one to be travelled alone. Be a hero to those in need.


“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” – Maya Angelou

Posted by J.C. Huggins