I said it’s too late

Too late to sit up and wait.
Waiting so long that time itself has lost all patience. Each creeping second now ticks with a reckoning of sorts untold.
Sleep. Too distant and obscure a concept in this age of awakening. The innate ability to grow from pain makes one unable to flow in the once steady stream again…inable. Fables of the olden days create a maze of unresolved issues never needing to be solved. Yet, slaving at the solution, poking, prodding, pleading, inabling oneself until salvation.
Freedom sacrificed for bondage.
Broken shackles and chains neatly repaired for reuse, then on to redemption in the recycling motion.
Beauty. Peace. Desired. Coveted. Envied. Hated. Destroyed. Existing everywhere, in absence, possession, lack, misery and ignorance.

Above the din of whispers the voice of reason cries

May it find me today as I wait…

Wait to fall asleep after being up so late.

Posted by J.C. Huggins