Words of advice: Never put your dreams on hold

Whatever it is you are doing or whatever you are most passionate about, dedicate yourself to it and work at it every day. As human beings we are so prone to habit-forming, and forming bad ones are so easy. The moment we take a day off, all that momentum and enthusiasm we had built up over weeks goes away, and we lose that zeal we had to achieve our goals. It so often happens when you suffer a little injury or something happens and you can’t exercise for a couple days. After that it’s ten times as hard to get back into the gym. However, this problem extends far beyond our physical goals and it’s one that must be properly addressed if we are to achieve all that we set out to.

I speak from experience when I say this. Too often have I seen plans get thrown to the wayside because after a short period of inactivity, everyone loses faith in the vision.

MOMENTUM is invaluable to your success.

If you follow sports, you’ll already have a good understanding of how important momentum is. After a team gets a few consecutive wins under their belt, it’s as if they become invincible. They’re oozing with confidence, everything is flowing so perfectly for them and they just can’t stop winning. We are just like that in everything we do. The only difference is that when you’re on a team, you’re surrounding by people chasing the same goals and pushing you every day. Sometimes we are on our journey alone, and the onus falls entirely on you to push yourself every day in order to keep gaining momentum and growing at a steady rate.

In this time of insane advancement, the competition intensifies each day. Nowadays, a rest day is almost a cheat day. I shudder to say it, but I believe your dream can pass you by in as little as 1 day. Not so long ago, people had the luxury of being supremely patiently but today if you wait too long, your idea will become obsolete. One day today may be equal to a month (or even more), 10 years ago. Times are changing. The modern day is defined by speed, change and achieving what was once unachievable. We are in new times. It’s exciting, but very demanding. Are you up for the challenge?

Don’t get me wrong, patience is always key when chasing your goals, and there will always be room for making mistakes and learning new lessons. However, if you want to be successful, at anything, wasting time is out of the question. Sitting around watching Netflix and flipping through Instagram, instead of reading a book, going to the gym or promoting your brand, is damaging to your pursuits. As I said before, momentum is one of our best weapons, and the only way to build momentum is to constantly work on your craft. Every hour, every day, every week counts towards your momentum.

When we develop this consistency, everything will become so much easier.

If you’re so blessed to have found your passion or to have a dream you want to achieve, there is a duty placed on you to make it a reality. Do not sleep on your dreams. Your dream may be here today and gone tomorrow. Strive to make forward progress every day. Consistent positive action breeds success. Always remember that the more successful hours you have, the more successful your day will be. Successful days= successful weeks. Successful weeks= successful years.

If you woke up and you’re lacking motivation, be mindful that if you don’t put in the work today, tomorrow you may just settle for whatever life decides to throw at you. And I know you’re worth much more than that.

“People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed.” – Tony Robbins

Posted by Akiri Heath-Adams