We’ve been here before, haven’t we? We’ve seen this all before, haven’t we? For much like a movie, the events of today’s world unfold before our eyes and we, like loyal patrons, sit and stare while stuffing popcorn and semi-cooked cinema chicken down our throats.

I am convinced that this is merely a remake of an old film and not some novel enterprise. The images of failing leadership and starved economies that are before us are recycled copies of that which we have already faced. The big screen is littered with scenes of abject poverty that do not appear to wane despite countless relief efforts, charities and donations. Faces of tormented mothers and children add a nice complement to their horrific screams and pleas for help. The threats of wars and devastating civil wars are all things that have gone before albeit at a somewhat more abated level. It seems as though the producers and directors have sought to make this remake a much more gruesome and bloody affair. Much like with Pennywise the clown, they aim to alter the form, while keeping the essence of the monster. For why would the powers that be give us hope of a better end, for any other reason than to take that very hope away? Their only use for light is to find new ways to shroud it out with darkness. In this business as with all, economic gain is the highest priority, and there is nothing more costly, than blood.

In the past films there have always been characters that stood head and shoulders above the rest. They were beacons of light, secretly casted with altered scripts and given directives unknown to the producers and directors of the age. They were the patrons who, on viewing the films of their days, shattered the fourth wall and entered the arena to save the oppressed. Now, however, these titans are a dying breed. They are almost extinct, and their vile counterparts appear to dominate the cinematic universe.

The most alarming part is that as this movie progresses there is nothing but silent viewership with infrequent objections to the plot. In our comfortable seats with arm rests and cup holders we gaze with eyes wide open as these “characters” jump through hoops and endure all manner of suffering, seemingly for our amusement. Sometimes, it is difficult to even tell who the heroes are and who the villains. Occasionally there are those viewers who cannot bear to watch and eventually leave the theatre and retire to the comfort of their homes, believing that a walk-out absolves them of any guilt they may have felt, having willingly viewed such a spectacle for so long. The majority sit and watch, sometimes poking fun, sometimes crying and sometimes in utter disbelief. But there is a remnant, a merry band of misfits who leave their seats and dive headfirst into the hail of gunfire and through the rubble, through the cloud of smoke and ash, rewrite that vile script.
So as this picture devolves into anarchy in a form quite similar to what has gone before, and as we all sit comfortably in our reclining chairs with drinks in one hand and popcorn in the other, I ask, are you not entertained?

Posted by J.C. Huggins

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