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Fighting Fear

The power to overcome is only attained through overcoming. Yes this may sound odd, especially in a world where one can be equipped to do practically anything by doing this course or watching that YouTube […]

If Music be the Food of Love…

As a people we have far removed ourselves from the concept of relationship before intimacy. We have far removed ourselves from bearing our hearts in the form of poetry for a potential significant other. For […]


Knowledge is endless. There is no scarcity of knowledge which requires us to hoard whatever bit of it we’ve acquired.

The Game of Life

It’s impossible to have the answers to all of life’s questions, but that does not mean we must just walk blindly into the darkness. Plot. Plan. Scheme. Make calculated decisions about what’s best for you.

Who cares what you did at UWI?

It cannot be stated enough that everyone has within them their own unique ideas, dreams and purpose. But sadly, too many people are chasing jobs instead of dreams.

Drowning in Fear!

We have to act. The longer fear exists as the dominating emotion in our society, the further we sink into a slump, until… oblivion!

ICYMI: We still don’t care enough about Politics.

The major talking point from last week: Burkey meets the President. To be quite frank, I didn’t really care that much about this story. However, after hearing about it over and over again, it dawned […]

Trinidad & Tobago: The New Tax Haven

Many of the most successful businessmen around the world chase tax havens and go to extreme lengths to protect their wealth. The real issue here is not whether such practices should be condoned, but rather […]

To Be Powerful In Trinidad

Mario Sabga-Aboud made a claim that the Syrian/Lebanese community is the most powerful, or almost the most powerful, ethnic group in Trinidad. So is this true? What about it really irks so many people? What does that mean for most of us?

Running to Success

Choice 1: play it safe, listen to all the self-doubt you’ve created and remain unsuccessful; or Choice 2