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Are You Not Entertained?

In this business as with all, economic gain is the highest priority, and there is nothing more costly, than blood.

The Great Divide

His hands were clammy and his eyes darted to and fro. “It should’ve attacked by now” he thought, “they always attack by now.”


I said it’s too late Too late to sit up and wait. Waiting so long that time itself has lost all patience. Each creeping second now ticks with a reckoning of sorts untold. Sleep. Too […]


Red inked monsters haunt our dreams and F-shaped nightmares preclude us from basking in the rain of knowledge being poured on us daily. Failures in school have translated, in our minds to failure in life.

Men and gods

Man is finite. Yet within him resides an insatiable desire for immortality. As it was so eloquently put in the opening narration of the movie Troy, “Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity…” Could […]

The missing ingredient.

However, I would like to address something that has not developed as expediently as everything else around us. Often lost in our pursuit for excellence, allow me to introduce a character to this storyline;…

The Illusion of Peace

No, not the 1976 book of the same title by Sally Marks (though you should read that too). The contemporary illusion. I can hear history repeating itself already.

Law Abiding Citizen

For when we are wearied by a system that only purports to be just, but in reality seeks the desires of an elitist few, what is our lot? How are we to respond, when there are no gross abuses of human rights….


While keeping with the common trend of writings gone before, this article takes a different form from the others. So much so it may not be considered an article at all. However, I pray the message finds you and lights a fire in your soul.

Once a Politician, twice a Tyrant.

“The most successful form of a tyrant is the tyrant that puts into your head that he is not a tyrant.”