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I feel stuck. I feel like I’ve been in the same chapter of my life for far too long and desperately want to move on but I can’t. What I chose to study takes 5 […]

Don’t sleep on your dreams

Words of advice: Never put your dreams on hold Whatever it is you are doing or whatever you are most passionate about, dedicate yourself to it and work at it every day. As human beings […]

Dichotomy of Life

As much as we think we’re in control and as much as we think we know what’s best for us, more often than not we learn that that’s simply not true. And we tend to learn that the hard way.

Life is for Living

As we grow older, I feel some of us think we’ve outgrown fun. But what is life without fun and laughter?

I am woman.

But I am not the same as a man. I am built differently. My value does not come from my ability to do what a man does. Do not hold me to the same standard as a man.

Running to Success

Choice 1: play it safe, listen to all the self-doubt you’ve created and remain unsuccessful; or Choice 2