Drowning in Fear!

We have to act. The longer fear exists as the dominating emotion in our society, the further we sink into a slump, until… oblivion!

The missing ingredient.

However, I would like to address something that has not developed as expediently as everything else around us. Often lost in our pursuit for excellence, allow me to introduce a character to this storyline;…

The Revolution

“And the President?” Parker finally asked. “He’s doing what he always does- retreating and leaving it for us to sort out.”

ICYMI: We still don’t care enough about Politics.

The major talking point from last week: Burkey meets the President. To be quite frank, I didn’t really care that much about this story. However, after hearing about it over and over again, it dawned […]

The Illusion of Peace

No, not the 1976 book of the same title by Sally Marks (though you should read that too). The contemporary illusion. I can hear history repeating itself already.

Puppets on a string

“Madam Prime Minister, you need to come to the office right now,” said Rick over the phone. Taylor Vellerin was the first female Prime Minister to be elected in the country and after four years […]

Trinidad & Tobago: The New Tax Haven

Many of the most successful businessmen around the world chase tax havens and go to extreme lengths to protect their wealth. The real issue here is not whether such practices should be condoned, but rather […]

Minimum payment? I’ll take the maximum pain.

Banks and Financial Institutions love to service the ignorant. Are you the ignorant?

To Be Powerful In Trinidad

Mario Sabga-Aboud made a claim that the Syrian/Lebanese community is the most powerful, or almost the most powerful, ethnic group in Trinidad. So is this true? What about it really irks so many people? What does that mean for most of us?

Law Abiding Citizen

For when we are wearied by a system that only purports to be just, but in reality seeks the desires of an elitist few, what is our lot? How are we to respond, when there are no gross abuses of human rights….