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Are You Not Entertained?

In this business as with all, economic gain is the highest priority, and there is nothing more costly, than blood.

Tic Toc

A clock within us is ticking away and we feel the need to get a lifetime worth of things done in a matter of a few years.


I feel stuck. I feel like I’ve been in the same chapter of my life for far too long and desperately want to move on but I can’t. What I chose to study takes 5 […]

The Great Divide

His hands were clammy and his eyes darted to and fro. “It should’ve attacked by now” he thought, “they always attack by now.”

When last did you feel grateful?

This question really got me thinking.  So often we get caught up in what we don’t have, what we still need to do, what we still need to get and it all starts to weigh on us.

Fighting Fear

The power to overcome is only attained through overcoming. Yes this may sound odd, especially in a world where one can be equipped to do practically anything by doing this course or watching that YouTube […]


We now live in a world where we have more choice than ever before, yet I am convinced we are now more afraid than ever before.

Dichotomy of Life

As much as we think we’re in control and as much as we think we know what’s best for us, more often than not we learn that that’s simply not true. And we tend to learn that the hard way.


I said it’s too late Too late to sit up and wait. Waiting so long that time itself has lost all patience. Each creeping second now ticks with a reckoning of sorts untold. Sleep. Too […]

Life is for Living

As we grow older, I feel some of us think we’ve outgrown fun. But what is life without fun and laughter?